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    What is an EU EveryPlace?

    An EU EveryPlace is not a bustling capital metropolis, nor a well-known tourist attraction, but an ordinary place, representative of provincial Europe.  Every town – every place – has a story, a history, a point of interest.  

    The current project seeks to employ the contextually rich environment of these less widely-visited places, thus showcasing EU small and medium towns, using them as a disseminating carrier.  Initial research into the use of these locations for contextual and dissemination purposes shows that the marketing of places is an activity currently gaining momentum today, “between 5 and 10 % of all advertising space in newspapers is devoted to the marketing of places, regions and nations”, “the places that seriously apply the principles of strategic market planning will build a better future for their citizens and local businesses than those places that leave their future to chance or inertia (Kotler et al, 1999).

    Places, in this case, towns, can provide not only an attractive and meaningful context for our language content but can also be our dissemination medium. The project’s product will offer an inexpensive online instrument of promotion to such towns. The towns in return will cascade the access to the product through their webpages, business organisations, associations, local colleges.